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Enable environment parity by using anonymized production data in Dev, Preview, and QA environments.


What is Privacy Dynamics?

Privacy Dynamics is a data anonymizer built for engineers and analysts using the modern data stack. Using a precise and reliable micro-aggregation process, Privacy Dynamics performs row-level treatments to achieve user-defined privacy targets with minimal data distortion. Our vision is a world where ethics, data insights, and personalized technology can all co-exist to support business growth and customer privacy simultaneously.

The Problem We Solve

The need for privacy-safe data is exploding, driven by increasing regulation, high-profile data leaks, and building consumer awareness and concern over how companies collect and use their data. Whether for analytics, lower environments, data publishing, or other data sharing, engineers and analysts are increasingly being asked to anonymize data so that it can be used more broadly in an organization. But anonymization is hard, and the choices engineers make on treatment methods and implementations have major impacts on an organization's exposure to risk and their ability to use data post-treatment. Privacy Dynamics uses state-of-the-art methods to save data engineers time, reduce exposure to risk, and maximize the utility of anonymized data.

Where We Integrate

Privacy Dynamics is focused on providing state-of-the-art anonymization in the transformation layer of the modern data stack. But really, our architecture is flexible and we just need a connection to your data at rest: Privacy Dynamics can run in our cloud or yours and connects directly to your data warehouse or application database(s).

To learn more about how we integrate, see Connecting Your Data.

What We Do

Our automated process starts with a risk assessment. We simulate attacks to determine the risk of an attacker identifying individuals in your dataset. We identify which records are most at-risk and the traits that make them unique.

These high-risk records are then clustered with a few others, and some of their values are replaced with others from their cluster. This "micro-aggregation" effectively hides unique records in small groups that look like them.

We leave the rest of your data alone to minimize the distortion and maximize the utility of the treated data.

Getting Started

Start anonymizing data with a free trial of Privacy Dynamics by visiting our website.

Once you get access, you can get started using our SaaS app in minutes by following our Quickstart guide.

To enquire about customized deployments and other enterprise features, please reach out to our Sales team.

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