Privacy Dynamics Self-hosted

Installing observability tools

Install observability tools

Install Loki

$ kubectl create namespace loki
$ helm repo add grafana
$ helm repo update
$ curl \
 -o loki-values.yaml

$ helm install loki --namespace=loki grafana/loki-stack \

Install Prometheus

$ helm repo add prometheus-community         
$ kubectl create ns prometheus 
$ curl \
 -o prometheus-stack-values.yaml

Replace the text in the values.yaml file to match the subdomain that are you using to host Privacy Dynamics. Also make sure to update GRAFANA_PASSWORD to the password you want to use for Grafana.

$  helm install prometheus-stack prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack \
 --version 23.1.1 -n prometheus \
 --wait -f prometheus-stack-values.yaml

After this is completed, you will be able to access the Grafana dashboard at with the username admin and password GRAFANA_PASSWORD used during earlier step.

Application Logs

Application logs can be accessed via Grafana at

Application Ingress