Privacy Dynamics Self-hosted

Installing Privacy Dynamics


Deploy latest version

From the Replicated admin console, click on the "Check for Update" link to get the latest version of Privacy Dynamics. The latest version is displayed on the top of the list. It will show "Pending Config" as the customer needs to input some values, click on "Configure" to enter the configuration. This action will navigate to the "Config" tab.

"Dataframe Upload Secret" and "Profile Upload Secret" are specified by each customer. "UI Fully Qualified Domain Name" should be and "API Fully Qualified Domain Name" should be, where the top level domain matches the customer's domain.

Set environment variables

  • Dataframe Upload Secret - 12 character alphanumeric encryption secret used to protect data.
  • PostgreSQL host - the IP address of the PostgreSQL intance.
  • PostgreSQL user - SQL user pvcyuser set up on pvcydb database.
  • PostgreSQL pwd - password set in the previous SQL script step.
  • Profile Upload Secret - 12 character alphanumeric encryption secret used to encrypt data connection credentials. Changing the secret will invalidate historical job information.

Verify the application is running

Once the application is deployed, its pods will be running on the cluster. You can view them by running the command kubectl get pods -n pvcy.

  • analyzer-app is the front-end application
  • api is the API the backed-end application
  • celery are the data-processing containers
  • nginx basic web server
  • redis task queue
  • reloader synchronizes the state of the pods if any config values are changed

View the application logs using: kubectl logs api-[XXX] -n pvcy. You may see migrations run on the pvcydb.

Verify API endpoint

You can make a basic HTTP request to verify that the API ingress has been setup right. This call does not need authentication.

curl --insecure
  "result": "Ping succeeded",
  "request_id": "590ffb9d72f3230e316dd3b7cbe5a553",
  "processing_time": "0.00026s",
  "request_timestamp": 1667912466
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