Privacy Dynamics Self-hosted

Installing Replicated

Install Replicated

Once the Kubernetes cluster and managed database are provisioned, follow the steps below to install Replicated into the cluster. Once installed into Kubernetes, Replicated can be used to install Privacy Dynamics.

Download the Replicated tool, KOTS

$ curl | bash

Install Replicated software on the cluster

Replace the shared-password value with a complex password in the command below. This password will be used to access the Replicated management console (also called KOTS admin). Privacy Dynamics will send you the license file license.yaml. If license.yaml is in a different directory, then give the path to the file in the following command.

$ kubectl kots install pvcy/stable \
 --namespace pvcy \
 --license-file license.yaml \
 --shared-password password1 \
 --no-port-forward \
 --skip-preflights \

Deploying Admin Console
Creating namespace ✓
Waiting for datastore to be ready ✓		
Waiting for Admin Console to be ready ✓


If you forget your password and need to reset it, use the command kubectl kots reset-password -n pvcy.

Replicated KOTS admin console can be accessed at

Privacy Dynamics can be accessed at

Launch Replicated admin console to install Privacy Dynamics

To access the Replicated admin console, run:

$ kubectl kots admin-console --namespace pvcy

Go to http://localhost:8800 to access the admin donsole. You can open http://localhost:8800 in a browser and enter the password used in the "Install Replicated software on the cluster" step above to login.

Database Setup