Privacy Dynamics Self-hosted

Installing Privacy Dynamics in Your Cloud

Privacy Dynamics can be installed within a customer’s cloud account in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Privacy Dynamics is a Kubernetes-based application and relies on the third party application, Replicated, to perform the initial installation and manage upgrades.

In order to fully install Privacy Dynamics, you will need the components below.

  • A domain which you control, and can add a subdomain as a new DNS hosted zone
  • A Kubernetes cluster, version 1.22 or above
  • A working installation of kubectl
  • A working installation of eksctl
  • A working installation of Helm v3
  • A managed, PostgreSQL compatible database (ex., RDS)


The basic steps to get Privacy Dynamics running are listed below. Partial automation of deployment is possible for AWS.

  1. Provision Kubernetes cluster
  2. Provision the application database
  3. Install Replicated
  4. Install Privacy Dynamics
  5. Configure DNS records
  6. Create application ingresses
  7. Install observability tools
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