# Analytics: Unlocking Business Value with Anonymized Data

# The Problem

For companies that care about protecting their customer’s private information, it is increasingly hard for analysts to get access to the data they need to add value to the business. Compliance and regulatory frameworks are rightfully conservative about using personally identifiable information (PII), and for people who are looking closely, PII includes most data!

Analysts commonly experience excruciating delays from data owners, compliance, and legal teams as they determine whether their data access is justified. In a role when time-to-insight is critical to maximizing business impact, these delays destroy value and demoralize data teams.

# Compliance without RBAC

Privacy Dynamics offers a completely different workflow for data analysts and data scientists looking to unlock value from their company’s data.

What if you could immediately access your data in your favorite tool without first drafting an access request? What if you could explore every useful field in your database, instead of just the ones you thought to ask for ahead of time? What if you could get every attestation of compliance out of the way before you ever start your work?

With Privacy Dynamics, you can.

# Seeing the Forest, Not the Trees

Our proprietary anonymizer carefully transforms your data, meeting the requirements of expert determination (opens new window) as “de-identified,” while maximizing the utility of the anonymized dataset.

What is left is a privacy-safe dataset that you can use the same way you would use raw data. You can build metrics and dashboards, do deep-dive analyses and drill down to individual records, perform statistical analyses and machine learning. Our algorithms rigorously minimize distortion in the anonymized dataset and leave behind data that has the same schema as the raw data, without bucketing or encrypting values. And unlike solutions that use synthetic data, you can rest easy knowing that your dependent variables will not be mismatched.

# “It Just Works” with Your Data Warehouse

Our anonymizer was designed as a simple privacy switch for the modern data stack. We integrate with Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Postgres. In minutes, you can point Privacy Dynamics to a “sensitive” database, schema, or relation, and our anonymizer can write the privacy-safe data anywhere you like. We detect most identifiers automatically, but also offer field-level customization for those who want more control. And if you use dbt, you can take advantage of our purpose-built solution to anonymize sources and models.

Start anonymizing data today with a free trial of Privacy Dynamics by visiting our website (opens new window).

Last Updated: 6/29/2022, 9:40:58 PM
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