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Privacy Dynamics is made up of a team of passionate, driven, individuals that want to work for a company that is improving this generations’ relationship with data and privacy — while also having full and complete lives. Privacy Dynamics is committed to continuing to foster a work environment that brings out the best in every one of our employees.


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    We take full responsibility for the circumstances of our actions and well-being and support others as they do the same.

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Our mission is to empower innovative and ethical data teams


We are…

We are geeks. We are passionate, spirited, individuals that seek fulfillment at work, in an environment that is inclusive and supportive of us as whole individuals. We are motivated to do good work by the mission of the company and work hard to have a hand in improving the relationship between privacy and data.

Geeks PassionateInclusive Spirited Motivated
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Graham Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

John Craft

Chief Technology Officer

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Scalable Strategies For Protecting Data Privacy In Your Shared Data Sets - Episode 261


In this episode Will Thompson explores the many ways that sensitive data can be leaked, re-identified, or otherwise be at risk, as well as the different strategies that can be employed to mitigate those attack vectors. He also explains how he and his team at Privacy Dynamics are working to make those strategies more accessible to organizations so that you can focus on all of the other tasks required of you.

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Privacy Dynamics debuts app that lets developers rapidly anonymize data


Privacy Dynamics today announced a new tool that is capable of anonymizing thousands of records per second, along with $4 million in funding.

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DC_THURS on Privacy-Safe Data Engineering Workflows w/ Graham Thompson


Graham Thompson, founder and CEO of Privacy Dynamics, and Pete will discuss the pain points around privacy-safe data engineering workflows and why businesses should embrace the opportunity to improve them.

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Privacy Dynamics Launches One-Click De-Identification Tool, Eliminating Data Privacy and Disclosure Risks Within Minutes


SEATTLE, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Privacy Dynamics, a startup that simplifies ethical and responsible use of data, launched today a SaaS application that can anonymize thousands of records per second with the click of a button. Privacy Dynamics saves data and analytics teams valuable time while also ensuring organizations pull compliant, accurate information from a central data warehouse.

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