Precise. Efficient. Fast.

Got a few minutes? That’s all the time you need to anonymize a few million rows of data.


Minimal data distortion

When anonymizing data, we use a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. Privacy Dynamics uses a novel and proprietary approach involving microaggregation to subtly perturb your data to protect your customer's privacy. Distortion is so low you can do the same advanced analytics on anonymized data that you can on raw data. LEARN MORE


Integrated workflow

Privacy Dynamics integrates directly with your data stores, whether that is a database, data warehouse, or data lake. We can write anonymized data to any destination, so you can query it with your favorite tools, just like you would work with the raw data.

You can use our app as a SaaS or we can deploy inside your VPC.


Intuitive algorithm

We anonymize data by hiding unique individuals in groups that look just like them. This conceptually-simple approach allows you to configure and fine-tune your results to balance risk against distortion.

We've done the hard work of making it run in linear time, so you can get results quickly (and get back to your real job).

How it Works

Targeted transformations protect your customers while preserving the utility of your data. Learn More



Connect to your data in any warehouse, database, or data lake. LEARN MORE



Privacy Dynamics detects PII and “quasi-identifiers” and simulates linkage attacks on your data to determine the level of identification risk present in the project dataset.



Privacy Dynamics anonymizes only the data contributing to privacy risk using micro-aggregation. Our approach is based on a HIPAA-compliant form of de-identification that also satisfies GDPR, CPRA/CCPA and more.



Privacy Dynamics writes anonymized data back to the destination of your choice, so you can use it with your tools as you would use the raw data.

Anonymize Data Anywhere

Database, data warehouse, or data lake: we can read from or write to anywhere you like.

Runs in Our Cloud or Yours

Connect to our hosted SaaS product or deploy into your cloud infrastructure with tools for configuring, managing, and updating our software.