Automated. Safe.

Fake data will never behave like production. Create and maintain replica data that will improve software testing without posing privacy and security risks.


Automated Test Data


Analytical Integrity

Privacy Dynamics created a proprietary method to anonymize data and minimize distortion. It creates micro-clusters of similar records, changing values just enough to hide unique individuals but not enough to skew results. Model training, survival analysis, forecasting, and other analytics will produce nearly identical results to the raw data.


Integrated into ETL

Privacy Dynamics integrates directly into your ETL pipelines, regardless of which cloud provider or data store you use. As long as the data is structured, Privacy Dynamics can created automated jobs to maintain a replica of tables, schemas, and all the necessary metadata. You can connect securely to a hosted SaaS app, or deploy your own inside a VPC.


Schedule Jobs

Data is organized into projects, which use a database connection and can contain multiple tables or schemas. Once a project is configured, it will run on the schedule you set and send you a notification when the job is completed. You no longer need to worry about updating your test data; it’ll be ready when you are.

How It Works

Unlock the data developers need. Remove the data hackers want.


Privacy Dynamics connects to any relational database or data warehouse. All of our connections are outlined in our docs.


Using read-only access, the target data is reviewed and classified, and a standard treatment plan is configured automatically.


Data is anonymized according to the treatment plan, and a job schedule is started to maintain your replica data over time.


Privacy Dynamics writes the anonymized data to the destination database, preserving important metadata and relationships.

Run in our cloud or yours.

Connect to our hosted SaaS product or deploy a dedicated instance into your private cloud.


“It didn't make sense to build a data minimization solution ourselves when Privacy Dynamics would give us a more comprehensive solution on day 1.”

Alda Pontes

Head of Technology, House Rx

Snapshot prod data with ease.

Create secure read-only connections to any production database, data warehouse, or data lake, and unlock safe access to the data your teams need to do their job.

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