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Automate data minimization for any use case.


Dev + Test Data

Keep the complexity and richness of your raw data, without all the risk. You can use production data to seed development, test, and preview environments without disclosing customer data and violating SOC-2. READ MORE


Build metrics off anonymized data to simplify governance and RBAC. Don't restrict access to sensitive columns like postal code and birth date: use anonymized values instead. READ MORE


Modernize your health data infrastructure by automating HIPAA-compliant de-identification. You choose Safe Harbor or Expert Determination: configure once, and refresh your data as often as you want. READ MORE

“It didn't make sense to try to build a data minimization solution ourselves when we could partner with Privacy Dynamics for the full solution on Day 1.”

Alda Pontes, Head of Technology, House Rx

Works with Your Tools

Privacy Dynamics persists anonymized data back into your database, warehouse, or data lake, so you can use it just like the raw data.

Analyze. Anonymize. Utilize.

87% of the U.S. population can be uniquely identified by only their 5-digit zip code, gender, and date of birth


known data breaches in 2021


per PII record is the average cost to businesses

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