Don’t let privacy be the enemy of

We make privacy our job so you don’t have to.


Minimal data distortion

When anonymizing data, we use a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. Privacy Dynamics analyzes re-identification risk at the cell level, allowing for precise utility-preserving anonymization treatment that minimizes data distortion.


Integrated workflow

Privacy Dynamics was designed and built to integrate closely with the modern data stack. Out of the box, Privacy Dynamics supports dbt, Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, and Redshift. Privacy Dynamics’ web application can be re-deployed to your native cloud environment, allowing you to maintain full control of your data.


Intuitive algorithm

Privacy Dynamics doesn’t require a complicated setup or a time-consuming integration process. Just sign up and start anonymizing. Our system is built using a linear algorithm so that you’re able to receive results in minutes, regardless of the size of your data set.

Seamless Integration

Privacy Dynamics doesn’t slow down your process. We seamlessly integrate into your automations and tools to be just a quick added step providing you with anonymized, privacy-safe, data to work with.

Analyze. Anonymize. Utilize.

87% of the U.S. population have reported characteristics that make them unique based only on: 5-digit zip, gender, date of birth


of data breaches contain customer PII


per PII record is the average cost to businesses

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