Anonymized Data is Democratized Data

Unlock insights across the organization by anonymizing data in your warehouse.

It Isn’t Personal

Even basic analysis can require access to quasi-identifiers like age, gender, and zip code. But under most regulations, access to Personal Information must be minimized, controlled, and audited, and RBAC is hard to scale. Properly-anonymized data is no longer regulated Personal Information, so you can democratize access to those traits, instead of controlling them.

See the Forest, Not the Trees

Our proprietary anonymizer minimizes distortion in the treated data, so you can use anonymous data by default, and get to the same answer you would by analyzing sensitive data. Your dashboards and regressions will never know the difference. LEARN MORE

"It Just Works" with Your Tools

We integrate with any data warehouse or data lake, and write privacy-safe data back to your datastore. That means you can use your favorite tools to query and model anonymized data the same way you would query raw data. OUR INTEGRATIONS

Minimal Config, Safe Defaults

We automatically detect and treat PII, including quasi-identifiers like birth date and gender. A few minutes is all it takes to start anonymizing an entire warehouse.

Anonymize, Don't Delete

Keep historical data and satisfy data retention policies by anonymizing old data, instead of deleting it. Keep the value, ditch the risk.

Anonymized analytics in minutes