More Data, Less Risk

Reduce attack surface area by using anonymized Production data for Dev Environments and Analytics.

The Missing Piece

Increasingly automated and cloud-native deployments make replicating Prod easy, but what about the data? Without a safe and robust test data set, can you trust that PII in Production won't proliferate?

Fake Data Doesn't Cut It

Hand-crafted fake datasets are too small and too expensive to maintain. And AI-generated Synthetic Data might not be any better. Anonymized Production data is faster, cheaper, and more robust for both software and analytics teams. LEARN MORE

Consistency and Integrity

Our anonymization process produces a dataset that mimics the Production data, because it is the Production data. We provide format consistency and referential integrity and produce minimally-distorted data that is still useful for analytics, allowing your teams to maintain their velocity while taking less risk. LEARN MORE

Our Cloud or Yours?

We can connect to any data store and write data back to your database, data warehouse, or data lake, so your teams don't need any new tooling. We don't store your data, and if you don't want your data moving over the internet, we can run inside your VPC.

Minimal Config, Compliant Defaults

We automatically detect and treat PII, including quasi-identifiers like birth date and gender. A few minutes is all it takes to start anonymizing an entire database to the strictest standards that comply with data privacy laws such as CPRA, CPA, VCDPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

Reduce risk in minutes