De-identified Data, Automatically

Minimize access to personal health information without disrupting developers using on-demand de-identification.

HIPAA Compliant

Companies like House Rx trust Privacy Dynamics to act as a HIPAA-compliant Business Associate to process sensitive data. But that's not all: our algorithms treat your data so it is de-identified under HIPAA's Expert Determination standard, helping your organization democratize access to data in a secure, compliant way. READ MORE

One BAA, Any SaaS

Sign one BAA with Privacy Dynamics, and then take your de-identified data anywhere. Stop paying enterprise SaaS prices: use de-identified data and take advantage of the less expensive service tiers offered by many SaaS products.

Keep Data on Your Network

Privacy Dynamics can run on your cloud infrastructure, so PHI never travels over the public internet. And with tools for configuring, managing, and updating our software, your team retains complete control.

Maintaining Security

We take security seriously. Our platform architecture was developed to ensure your data is safe and secure. We do not permanently store your data, and it is encrypted at rest and in transit while it passes through our servers. Additionally, we conduct security reviews and penetration tests regularly. We have a SOC 2 Type 1 Certification, and Type 2 is underway.

Privacy and Utility

For analysis, Safe Harbor can only get you so far. Using an approach based on HIPAA's Expert Determination process, Privacy Dynamics enables your data developers to produce and manage HIPAA compliant datasets in a matter of minutes. The result is best-in-class privacy protection while maintaining maximum data utility. HOW WE DO IT

Automate data de-identification today